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Computer Science Engineering Colleges in India

What is computer science engineering (CS)?

Computer science (CS) is a subject engineering course which covers the few subjects associated with the computation, encoding languages, curriculum design, system hardware and software program integrates a few subject of computer science (CS). As it is the trending topics compared to others that candidate follows after intermediate. CSE Colleges in India .

CSE Colleges in India

CS is a 4-yr Undergraduate (UG) course that includes many factors required for the establishment of a computer system. A computer science (CS) engineering is a diploma that will provide you the whole understanding associated with the computer systems. You will get the possibility to gain the understanding of preferred computer science and with this you furthermore may evolve your realistic competencies for software program engineering.

With your degree, you may additionally get realistic in mathematical, scientific & computer science (CS) knowledge which will facilitate your identity & kind your computer science and in addition to engineering troubles in areas which are linked to the design, improvement, testing & preservation of laptop systems. Several key modules which you are probably watching for to have a look at in computer science (CS) engineering degree may consist of: 

Why to do Computer Science (CS)?

If you picture of yourself designing & creating the software systems, in that state of affairs computer science (CS) could be the suitable route to be able to study. If you desire to develop into a supervisor or administrator of a technical project, then this degree in computer science (CS) or information & computer technology will present you the background as well as you are requisite to attain your goals.

Top Benefits of studying computer science engineering

If you desired to be a researcher in an information & technology, technical sector with this computer science (CS) can present you with the skills & information had to be successful. Computer Science (CS) is the lively & rapid rising spot which has become an indispensable part of the entire global, where we exist at present. Having a degree in this area will provide you the deep kind of theories & rising technologies.

The understanding & as well as the experience will allow you for developing the modern answers which cope with today’s challenges. While applying in an interdisciplinary fashion, candidate can also describe their new areas of interest like biology, business, cyber security, economics, engineering, information assurance, languages and linguistics, mathematics, physics, public policy, etc.

The Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), professional organization for the computer scientists & for the data specialists too, is some of the following reasons in computing:

• It is the part of everything we do!

• Capability in computing permits you to clear up the difficulties, difficult problems.

• It permits you to create a positive difference withinside the global as well.

• It is likewise gives numerous kinds of useful careers.

• The jobs in this location are here to stay, notwithstanding wherein you’re placed.

• Expertise on this subject will assist you still in case your foremost career choice is something else.

• It gives you the large possibilities for the creativity & in addition to innovativeness.

• It additionally consists of area for both the collaborative work & being effort.

• It is a critical part of the well-fashioned educational preparation.

• Expected possibilities on this subject are without restrictions.

Benefits of pursuing computer science (CS)

• Excellent Graduate Prospects

The task for the computer science (CS) engineers is usually rising & Computer Science candidate have the exquisite possibility of being professionally in a task. Institute residency is the alternative good access for them to be withinside the true location with an enterprise enormous. Lakhs of latest vacancies are expected in this year.

• Earn Big Bucks

Computer science (CS) engineers now in recent times are in call for with the improvement of records technology, huge records, artificial intelligence (AI) & machine learning. All those twenty first century roles offer the very best revenue applications with the common revenue of INR 6, 20,244 annually.

• Jobs in Every Industry J

obs in Computer Science (CS) exist in each new area whether or not it is culture, physical condition, economics, trading, skill, production or shipping. Software is being taken into consideration for all of the fields & computer scientists had a huge duty to make greater efficient & in addition to the attempt in all of them.

• Global Career Opportunities

Computers & the computer scientists have moved out worldwide now. It calls for no indication for folks who gain expertise in Computer Science (CS) have the bulk of career possibilities out of the country. It enables the aspirant to get the specified competencies & the exquisite area to reveal their competencies & step up on their career ladder as well.

• Earning at the same time as studying

Computer Science (CS) engineers had an advantage over the additional engineers as they’ll be capable of earning for the duration of the study. As they are able to place themselves withinside the constrained area withinside the IT sustain, as properly in web development or a few different domain.

• Directly meeting needs

“While the primary day withinside the computer science, we’re stressful to have an constructive effect on society,” says Thibault Rihet, software program engineer. Rihet explains that the computer scientists can effortlessly gain the direct packages which addresses toward societal troubles which include terrible quality, joblessness, and climate changes & greater.

Sites which include Data Kind, Taproot & Code Alliance can be the superb belongings for the computer scientists whose preference is to place their competencies to work for the worldwide troubles, according to Rihet. This area permits a large array of tech specialists to make, sustain & put in force the tasks which change the lives.

The oblique blessings from the utensils of computer scientists assemble Rihet point out. Considered charity this is capable of modernizes their donation, or crowd funded marketing campaign that gathers the subsequent and financial returned up.

• Empowering folks that are frequently overlooked

“This information basically empowers all the human beings.” While utensils to accumulate the revenue & get to the lowest of the enterprise problems are handy to everyone—it may stage up the degree area as properly. Like, looking the clients which may be the expensive endeavor.

If you’re an observe dealer subsequent in your corporation without a number of similarly cash, it may be hard to preserve on floating. “For e.g., the beauticians often don’t decide their personal running hours or get their personal clients due to the fact they do not know how.” Considering this requirement, Hugo’s enterprise produced an app which permits the beauticians to hire their personal clients & location according to their personal schedules.

“As a women-owned project, we struggle to go looking the apps which might be requisite & which moreover support human beings in region too that had been overlooked by a big quantity of coders.”

• Paving the manner for a greater equitable global CS enables to stage up at the degree area in situations of cheap answers. But we additionally factor out which may be an equalizer in every other ways.

Although the era as enterprise is an beneath Neath illustration of women & cultural minorities, we see that the computer science as a utensils for communal rebalance if it involves sexual category individuality, heritage, civilization & similarly than Code is code—and when you have shaped something authentically which might be useful, your heritage isn’t always going to keep you returned.

“App Store has the similar supplies for all of the basic developers,” factors out. Some experts says it’s a wonderful stroll for society that computer systems are unsighted to the whole lot however the code.

• Accelerating healthcare development Healthcares have a tendency to be the appealing big as a first-rate problem whilst you taken into consideration to enhance the human being are lives. The primary stimulating sides of laptop technology are the energy to enhance & boost up each and every other area. “The Data technology (DT) & (AI) artificial intelligence as the subsets of computer science (CS) that allows the human beings and businesses as suitably to heighten up and ‘prepackage thought.’

Through this, computer science & artificial intelligence can create another subject many, often better.” Genomics & personalized medication is a superb instance of the way the computer science and the driven technology are accelerating healthcare development too. The genome sequencing procedure that powers the frontier of drugs that’s used to charge tens of hundreds of thousands of greenbacks to entire, however gadget-mastering strategies is a progressed computing energy which have drop the fees substantially.

• Furthering training can you believe present day training without computer software or the internet? Whether you’re taking a category on line, discovering for a paper or sharing work through the cloud, computer science professionals have helped make this possible.

E-learning systems and packages provide college students new gear to problem-remedy and study, which has modified the instructional world. The capacity to take instructions online is likewise a big advantage for the arena—because it creates access to training for college kids whose locations, talents or price range had been a barrier.

• Expanding communication “The largest contribution computer science has made is withinside the area of communication,” says experts, trainer and system administrator. “Computer Science has made the entire global a completely small location—to be had at your fingertips now.” experts mentions social media, video calling and chatting apps—even the packages that assist you to percentage files and images with a person else long-distance. These capacities have absolutely revolutionized the workforce.

• Predicting and avoiding catastrophes Computer science is scaling—and scaling very speedy for that matter, in step with experts. Applying computer science to prediction could have a big effect on the arena. With that gear, we will are expecting the entirety from an incoming tsunami to the outbreak sample of a pathogen.

In that manner, a number of the maximum life-saving work that occurs in our global is based on computer scientists. Computer science is even in movement whilst predicting the trajectory of risky comets close to our planet.

• Positively impacting each vicinity of society though it’s now no longer usually hands-on; nearly each thing of society—from family-owned companies desiring virtual safety to homeless shelters desiring a manner to streamline their volunteer base—is based at the improvements spurred by computer science specialists.

When it involves locating a profession that permits you to definitely advantage the arena round you, appearance no similarly than computer science!

What will you study in computer science engineering degree? 

A computer science engineering degree will offer you with a radical information of computer systems. You’ll get the hazard to research preferred computer science information whilst additionally growing sensible software program engineering skills.

Throughout your degree, you may accumulate sensible mathematical, medical and computer science knowledge to help you discover and clear up computer science and engineering issues in regions associated with the design, development, testing and preservation of computer systems. Some key modules you would possibly count on to have a look at in a computer science engineering degree may also include:

• Operating systems

• Programming practice

• Design and programming

• Data structures and algorithms

• Design and analysis of algorithm

• Computer organization and architecture

• Software engineering and project management

The B.Tech in Computer Science Engineering is an extensive and bendy degree programme. It is taught by enterprise specialists and academics, with the goal of getting ready college students to work in a huge variety of roles withinside the enterprise.

Skills you’ll need for a computer science (CS) engineering degree 

To look at a computer science degree, you’ll want a robust grounding in mathematics and physics, along different realistic abilities inclusive of problem-fixing abilities, analytical abilities, essential questioning abilities and creativity. You won’t commonly need to have studied computer science earlier than university; however you’ll want an interest in programming and computer processes.

Computer Science Engineering: Eligibility Criteria

The primary eligibility criteria to pursue a programme in computer science engineering at diverse qualification levels is: 

Structure of a basic UG CSE Programme

Main subjects in Computer Science (CS) – Main subjects in Computer Science (CS) for a variety of universities are given below:

(i) C Programming(xv) Operating System
(ii) Data Structures(xvi) UML
(iii) Introduction about basic computer hardware/ troubleshoot(xvii) Computer Networks
(iv) Advanced-Data Structures and Algorithms(xviii)  Systems Programming
(v) Computer Organization(xix) Advanced Computer Architecture
(vi) Database Management Systems(xx) Web Technologies
(vii) OOPS Through Java(xxi) Multimedia and Application Development
(vii) Computer Graphics(xxii)  Computer Systems Maintenance
(ix) Micro-Processors and interfacing(xxiii)  Information Security
(x) Software Engineering(xxiv)  Human-Computer Interface
(xi) Optimization Techniques(xxv)  Distributed Databases
(xii) Automata and Compiler Design(xxvi) Mobile computing
(xiii) UNIX Programming(xxvii) Data warehousing and Data Mining
(xiv) Object-Oriented Analysis and Design(xxviii) Software Testing Methodologies
Class of subjectsCredit division for CSE aspirants
Humanities and Social Sciences including Management courses13
Basic Science courses23
Engineering Science courses including workshop, drawing, basics of electrical/mechanical/computer, etc30
Professional core courses50
Professional Elective courses related to elected specialization/branch16
Open subjects – Electives from other technical and /or emerging subjects14
Seminar, Project work, and internship in industry or somewhere else13
Mandatory Courses [Environmental Sciences, Induction Program, Indian Constitution, Essence of Indian Knowledge Tradition]  (non-credit)

The given above table can further be broken down into the given below table:

Ist SemesterIInd Semester
CalculusLinear Algebra and Ordinary Differential Equations
Chemistry IModern Physics
Introduction to computer programmingData Analysis and Interpretation
EconomicsAbstractions and Paradigms in Programming
Chemistry LabPhysics Lab
Workshop PracticeAbstractions and Paradigms in Programming
Engineering Graphics and Drawing
IIIrd SemesterIVth Semester
Numerical Analysis Environmental  Studies 
Introduction to Electrical and Electronic CircuitsAutomata Theory and Logic
Discrete StructuresDesign and Analysis of Algorithms
Data Structures and AlgorithmsLogic Design
Experimentation and Measurement  LabSoftware Systems Lab
Data Structures and Algorithms LabLogic Design Lab
Vth SemesterVIth Semester
Literature/Philosophy/Psychology/SociologyArtificial Intelligence      
Computer ArchitectureImplementation of Programming Languages
Operating SystemsComputer Networks
Database and Information SystemsArtificial Intelligence Lab
Database and Information Systems LabImplementation of Programming Languages Lab
Computer Architecture LabComputer Networks Lab
Operating Systems Lab
VIIth SemesterVIIIth Semester
Elective 1Elective 4
Elective 2Elective 5
Elective 3Elective 6
Institute Elective 1Institute Elective 2

Note: The given above syllabus may differ from institute to institute. 

Computer Science (CS) Engineering College in India

 Where to Do Computer Science (CS) Engineering?


All those applicants are eligible who’ve exceeded the 10+2 exam from a board recognized or established by central/ country Govt. through a regulation with Physics and Mathematics as compulsory topics together with one of the following topics: Chemistry/ Biotechnology/ Computer Science and Biology.


Those applicants who’ve exceeded degree in any Engineering Trade from Punjab State Board of Technical Education & Industrial Training, Chandigarh or recognized institute, or one of these examinations from another recognized State Board of Technical Education.


The applicants who’ve exceeded 12 months certificates course from renowned institute will be eligible.


The candidates who’ve passed Diploma examination from AICTE Approved Institutions & have acquired at the least 45% marks (40% in case of candidates belonging to reserved category) in the suitable department of Engineering/ Technology will be eligible to apply.


• B.Sc. Degree from a recognized University as described by UGC, with at the least 45% marks (40% in case of applicants belonging to reserved class) and passed XII Standard with Mathematics as a subject.

• Students who’ve exceeded B.Sc. Degree from a recognized University as defined by UGC shall clear the subject of Engineering Graphics/ Engineering Drawing and Engineering Mechanics of the primary 12 months engineering application along with the second one year subjects.

• Students belonging to B.Sc. stream may also in addition notice that they will be taken into consideration most effective after filling the supernumerary seats in this category with students belonging to the Diploma stream.

Entrance Exams acknowledged by Top Computer Science (CS) Engineering Colleges in India

Given below are some of the entrance exams that are conducted at the national/state and university level. The list is given below in brief:

Cut Offs for Top Computer Science (CS) Engineering Colleges in India

The number of typical candidates, number of available seats, paper complexity level, class percent reservation, and many more. One has to stable the minimal cut-off as a qualifying criterion to take admissions withinside the collaborating colleges/universities.

JEE (Joint Entrance Exam) Main Cut Off

JEE Main (Joint Entrance Examination) Main is a very well-known national entrance examination conducted by the famous NTA for admissions into different technical courses into the zenith NITs, IITs, or additional participating institutions. Cut off gets free only after the declaration of JEE Main results. Aspirants must clear JEE Main examination for attempting JEE Advanced examination.

The latest JEE Main Cut off 2021 is in the given below table for suggestion category-wise.

CategoryCut Off
Common Rank List (CRL)91-96
Economically Weaker Sections (EWS)71-75
Other Backward Class (OBC)75-80
Schedule Caste(SC)49-56
Schedule Tribe (ST)46-52
Physically Handicapped (PH)29-34

TNEA Cut Off

Tamil Nadu Engineering Admissions (TNEA) is a state-level entrance examination for undergraduate (UG) programs into engineering courses conducted by the acknowledged Directorate of Technical Education (DoTE), Tamil Nadu.

The TNEA Cut-off for some engineering branches in the previous year to get a bumpy thought on calculating the cut-offs enough to get probability in one of the participating institutes is given below:

Category2021 Cut Off2020 Cut Off2019 Cut Off
Computer Science Engineering (CSE)76-20020077.9 – 200
Information Technology (IT)74-19519477.5 – 199
Electrical & Electronics Engineering (EEE)80.5-195.5195.5977.8 – 198.84


UPSEE/UPTU is a state-level entrance examination into different college courses associated to Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Uttar Pradesh Technical University (AKTU).

The latest cut-off for college-wise computer science (CS) engineering courses is given below in the table.

Name of the CollegeCut Off
Harcourt Butler Technological Institute, Kanpur165
Bundelkhand Institute of Engineering and Technology, Jhansi1290
Dr. Ambedkar Institute of Technology for Handicapped, Kanpur906
Feroze Gandhi Institute of Engineering and Technology, Raebareli1272
Institute of Engineering and Technology, Lucknow408
Institute of Engineering and Rural Technology, Allahabad2869

Top Colleges For B.Tech Computer Science (CS)

India is also home to many engineering colleges. Among them, there are more than 3500 engineering colleges in India offering BTech in Computer Science (CS) courses to the students. But not every college is tagged as the best.

There are few colleges that come on the list of best engineering colleges for BTech in computer science (CS) and choosing one from this list is again a task.

So to relieve your judgment we have researched the top colleges and picked up some of the best engineering colleges for BTech in computer science (CS). The list of colleges is given below for your suggestion:-

North Zone Computer Science (CS) Engineering Colleges

Name of CollegesNIRF 2021 RankingAccepted Entrance Exams
Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Delhi4* JEE Mains * JEE Advanced * GATE
Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda, Baroda118* JEE Mains * JEE Advanced * GATE
Delhi Technological University39* JEE Mains * JEE Advanced * GATE
Jamia Millia Islamia (JMU)30* JMI Entrance
Lovely Professional University (LPU), Phagwara89* JEE Mains * JEE Advanced * GATE

South Zone Computer Science (CS) Engineering Colleges

Name of CollegesNIRF 2021 RankingAccepted Entrance Exams
Indian Institute of Technology Madras1JEE Advanced GATE
Vellore Institute of Technology15JEE Mains GATE VITEEE
Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology33JEE Mains JEE Advanced GATE
SRM Institute of Science and Technology, Chennai41JEE Mains SRMJEEE GATE
Manipal Institute of Technology, Manipal  45JEE Mains JEE Advanced MET
R. V. College of Engineering70JEE Mains GATE COMEDK
Dayananda Sagar College of Engineering126JEE Mains COMEDK GATE

East Zone Computer Science (CS) Engineering Colleges  

CollegeNIRF 2020 RankingAccepted Entrance Exams
Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur5JEE Advanced GATE
Jadavpur University17WBJEE WB JECA GATE
Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology21JEE Mains GATE
Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology42KIITEE GATE
Heritage Institute of Technology154WB JECA

West Zone Computer Science (CS) Engineering Colleges

Name of CollegesNIRF 2021 RankingAccepted Entrance Exams
Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay3GATE JEE Advanced
College of Engineering, Pune  50GATE MHTCET
Veermata Jijabai Technological Institute71GATE MHTCET
Bharati Vidyapeeth Deemed University College of Engineering, Pune99GATE MHTCET
Dr. Vishwanath Karad MIT World Peace University, Pune138JEE Mains MHTCET GATE

List of Top Computer Science Engineering Colleges:

Other institutes offering Computer Science (CS) Engineering programmes in India:

S.NOName of colleges providing Computer Science (CS) Engineering Programmes
1.University Institute of Engineering and Technology
2.Guru Nanak Dev Engineering College
3.University Institute of Engineering and Technology
4.Guru Nanak Dev Engineering College
5.Institute of Technology, Nirma University
6.Vishwakarma Institute of Technology
7.University Visvesvaraya College of Engineering
8.Sri Sai Ram Engineering College
9.Army Institute of Technology
10.Jaypee Institute of Information Technology
11.Kongu Engineering College, The Kongu Vellalar Institute of Technology Trust
12.K L University (KLU)
13.Chandigarh College of Engineering and Technology
14.B.S. Abdur Rahman Crescent University
15.Karunya University
16.Maharaja Agrasen Institute of Technology
17.Rungta Group of Institutions, Bhilai
18.Dayananda Sagar College of Engineering (DSCE)
19.Sona College of Technology
20.Mepco Schlenk Engineering College
21.M.V.J. College of Engineering
22.Dwarkadas J. Sanghvi College of Engineering
23.Vasavi College of Engineering
24.Galgotias Educational Institutions (GEI)
25.Acharya Institute of Technology
26.Nitte Meenakshi Institute of Technology (NMIT)
27.G.L. Bajaj Institute of Technology and Management
28.Nitte Mahalinga Adyanthaya Memorial Institute of Technology (NMAMIT)

Top Computer Science (CS) Engineering Colleges in India by NIRF Ranking

National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF), accepted by MHRD, uses precise methodologies based on particular parameters to rank colleges/universities in India.

The parameters and areas of weightage to rank different colleges by NIRF focus on:

Given below is the list for the top Computer Science (CS) engineering colleges across India according to NIRF ranking system:

RankingName of the CollegesNIRF Scoring 2021
1Indian Institute of Technology(IIT), Madras90.21
2Indian Institute of Technology(IIT),  Delhi89.16
3Indian Institute of Technology(IIT),  Bombay85.18
4Indian Institute of Technology(IIT),  Kanpur83.23
5Indian Institute of Technology(IIT),  Kharagpur82.05
6Indian Institute of Technology(IIT),  Roorkee78.10
7Indian Institute of Technology(IIT),  Guwahati73.86
8Indian Institute of Technology(IIT),  Hyderabad68.72
9National Institute of Technology(NIT), Tiruchirappalli66.10
10National Institute of Technology, Karnataka(NIT), Surathkal64.20

Top Computer Science (CS) Engineering Colleges in India by Outlook

Various top Computer Science (CS) Engineering colleges across India by Outlook ranking report are given below:

RankingName of the CollegesOutlook Scoring
1Vellore Institute Of Technology (VIT), Vellore810.92
2Birla Institute of Technology & Science (BITS)- Pilani780.98
3Thapar Institute of Engineering & Technology, Patiala732.20
4Manipal Institute of Technology (MIT), Manipal695.61
5PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore656.12
6International Institute of Information Technology (IIIT), Hyderabad616.68
7Amity School of Engineering & Technology, Noida577.30
8International Institute of Information Technology (IIIT), Bangalore537.89
9Birla Institute of Technology (BIT), Mesra, Ranchi536.50
10Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology (KIIT), Bhubaneswar527.83



Computer Science – CS Engineering College in Greater Noida


     Name of Colleges       Fee Structure       Entrance Examination
·       GL Bajaj Institute of Technology and Management (GLBTM), Greater Noida   ·       Shiv Nadar University, Greater Noida     ·       Sharda University, Greater Noida   ·       Bennett University, Greater Noida   ·       Galgotias University (GU), Greater Noida   ·       Galgotias College of Engineering and Technology (GCET), Greater Noida   ·       Gautam Buddha University, Greater Noida   ·       Delhi Technical Campus, Greater Noida   ·       IEC College of Engineering and Technology, Greater Noida ·       Noida Institute of Engineering and Technology (NIET), Greater Noida   ·       Greater Noida Institute of Technology Engineering Institute (GNIOT), Greater Noida   ·       IIMT College of Polytechnic, Greater Noida   ·       ITS Engineering College, Greater Noida   ·       Mangalmay Group of Institutions, Greater Noida   ·       IIMT Greater Noida – IIMT College of Engineering   ·       College of Engineering and Technology, IILM Academy of Higher Learning, Greater Noida   ·       United College of Engineering and Research, Greater Noida   ·       KCC Institute of Technology and Management, Greater Noida   ·       DGI Greater Noida – Dronacharya Group of Institutions   ·       Accurate Institute of Management and Technology (AIMT), Greater Noida   ·       Greater Noida College of Technology, Greater Noida   ·       Skyline Institute of Engineering and Technology (SIET), Greater Noida   ·       DIT School of Engineering, Noida   ·       Priyadarshani College of Computer Sciences (PCC), Greater Noida   ·       Ram-Eesh Institute of Engineering and Technology, Greater Noida   ·       Accurate Institute of Polytechnic, Greater Noida   ·       Sarvottam Institute of Technology and ManagementC(SITM), Greater Noida      INR 3, 05,000         INR 9, 25,500       INR 7, 06,700     INR 15, 17,000     INR 6, 70,900     INR 4, 72,222         INR 545,525       INR 5, 10,000     INR 372,224       INR 439,150         INR 435,492         INR 158,000       INR 400,100     INR 417,150       INR 465,100       INR 427,425         INR 467,815         INR 3, 20,010         INR 3, 23,610       INR 2, 50,000         INR 2, 75,500       INR 425,020         INR 10, 25,000     INR 2, 53,010       INR 2, 45,000         INR 4, 65,000       INR 283,620                UPCET         JEE Main       JEE Main, UPCET     JEE Mains     JEE Main , GEEE       JEE Main , UPCET           JEE mains, UPSEE       JEE Main , UPCET       JEE Main , UPCET         UPCET           UPCET           UPCET         UPCET     JEE Main , UPCET         UPCET       JEE Main , UPCET           JEE Main , ,UPCET           JEE Main , UPCET           JEE Main , UPCET         UPCET           UPCET       JEE Main , UPCET           JEE mains, UPSEE       UPSEE         JEE mains, UPSEE         JEE mains, UPSEE         UPSEE                  

Diploma in Computer Science (CS) Engineering

Diploma in Computer Engineering is a course designed for students who desire to choose a computer science course after class 10th studies. The course affords a fundamental knowledge of computer science, engineering ideas and mathematical techniques.

It enables college students acquire abilities and information to turn out to be an IT expert in future. The course length is of three years provided in numerous institutes in India. Diploma in Computer Engineering is the aggregate and theoretical and realistic ideas and finds its implementation in IT firm, communication sector, research and development, medical subject etc.

Candidates can apply for Diploma in Computer Engineering course after successfully finishing Class tenth studies from a recognized institute. All details associated with the Diploma in Computer Science (CS) Engineering course may be checked here.

Why should you pursue Diploma in Computer Science (CS) Engineering?

• There are lots of motives to take a look at Diploma in Computer Science and Engineering. The country desires specialists who own exact technical understanding and will do something for the technological organizations. Most of the students go for studying this course because of the subsequent motives.

• It opens a pool of possibilities in numerous fields specially withinside the technological sector.

• The applicants who’ve a UG diploma degree can get a hazard to take a look at a specialized course very early when they have done class 10.

• Candidates with good understanding and abilities associated with the course can pursue a diploma programme after the completion of UG degree programme.

• Those that complete the degree course can directly get a process withinside the relevant field based on their abilities, understanding and calibers.

• Higher Salary Package: – Students having this degree are in high demand so that they get high salary packages additionally in the event that they have exact command withinside the subject.

• Many opportunities are available withinside the subject of Technology and development. If everybody has hobby in those regions this course is excellent for them.


Types of Diploma in Computer Science Course

Diploma in computer science is obtainable in normal mode, on-line mode and additionally in distance learning mode. The college students who’re not able to wait the regular classes can attend those on-line and distance gaining knowledge of classes. The on-line classes are self-paced and beneficial for those who’re running withinside the companies.


The fundamental eligibility to take admission here is coming through 10+2 exams from a known educational institute. Also a few institutes conduct entrances to pick out applicants for this course. The course fee for a degree in computer science ranges from INR 13,500 to INR 59,000 annually.


A few universities offer Diploma in Computer Science through on-line mode. NIELIT (National Institute of Electronics & Information Technology), IISDT (Indian Institute of Skill Development Training), CITC (Communications and Information Technology), and many more are some of the institutes who’re presenting the course to the students. Average rate for the Online Diploma course in computer science is around INR 1,600 to 5,200.


Admission Procedure For Diploma in Computer Science (CS) Engineering

Admissions process in Diploma courses are also completed through both merit and entrance examinations.

Direct Admission Procedure

• Students want to submit the application form to the faculties or universities they need to take admission.

• Students want to perform well in their undergraduate (UG) course because the scores obtained in these form the basis withinside the whole admission process.

• Some university’s launch their cutoff listing as well please checks in case you are eligible in any of the colleges.

• If you’re eligible then go to the university and submit all of the required documents.

Admission Based On Entrance Exam

The following steps are given to apply for entrance examination based admissions are stated below:

Step 1- Registration: Students want to sign in themselves on the institute portal through entering fundamental information like phone number, mobile number etc.

Step 2- Application Form: Application form needs to fill carefully in order that the entered statistics is correct.

Step 3- Uploading of files: All essential files want to be scanned and uploaded withinside the suitable format on the institute’s portal.

Step 4- Payment of Application Fees: Students will pay the application charge both through on-line mode or offline mode.

Step 5- Downloading of the admit card: Admit cards are launched as soon as all candidates are judged for eligibility. Print out of the admit card could be taken and it will likely be used at the time of entrance examination.

Step 6- Entrance Exam: Prepare for the examination as per syllabus and previous papers.

Step 7- Results: Results are announced after some weeks. If a candidate is successful in qualifying the entrance they are able to pass on to the next round.

Step 8- Counseling and Admission: Counseling is held for students who’ve cleared the entrance examinations. The scholar can now take admission in Diploma in Computer Science course.

Diploma in Computer Science (CS) Engineering: Entrance Examinations 2022

Several colleges take students on the basis of student score in national level examinations and various colleges take their own entrance examinations to choose best students. 

Name of ExaminationApplication DeadlineDate of ExamMode of Exam
JEE MainNotified SoonNotified SoonOnline
JEE AdvancedNotified SoonNotified SoonOnline
WBJEENotified SoonNotified SoonOffline
KEAMNotified SoonNotified SoonOffline
VITEEENotified SoonNotified SoonOffline

Diploma in Computer Science (CS) Syllabus and Their Subjects:

The syllabus & subjects that are educated in Diploma in Computer Science (CS) comprise practical’s, classroom training, and project work. Given below is the detailed syllabus and Subjects that are followed in the course:

Semester I
S. NoSubjects of Study
1Communication Skills-I
2Value and Ethics in Technical Education
3Engineering Mathematics-I
4Applied Physics
5Applied Chemistry
6Computer Fundamentals & Applications
Semester II
SI NoSubjects of Study
1Communication Skills-II
2Engineering Drawing
3Engineering Mathematics-II
4Fundamentals of Electrical & Electronics
5Computer Center Management
6Programming in C
Semester III
SI NoSubjects of Study
1Engineering Economics
2Electronics Workshop
3Data Structure
4Operating System
5Network Essentials
6Object-Oriented Programming in C++
Semester IV
SI NoSubjects of Study
1Marketing Management
2Computer Architecture
3Database Management System
4Linux O.S.
5Multimedia Technology & Application
6Programming in Visual Basic
Semester V
SI NoSubjects of Study
1Software Engineering
2MP & Programming
3Client-Server Application
4System Software
5Web Page Design
Semester VI
SI NoSubjects of Study
1Entrepreneurship Development
2Computer Networks
3Network Installation & Management
4Wireless and Mobile communication
5Industrial Training of six-week duration

Diploma in Computer Science (CS) Engineering Jobs

Abundant career options are obtainable for computer science (CS) engineers. The scope of computer science (CS) engineering has been rising quickly. Opportunities in different sectors survive for these individuals like:-

Students who has well-built skill in a programming language may desire to become an application software developer

Hardware and Network Administrator are some job profiles that are accessible to such aspirants. 

The majority of the diploma holders wish to chase a bachelor’s (UG) degree in computer science (CS) engineering to precede their career scope. Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) is the most opted course after finishing a diploma in computer science (CS) engineering. 

Diploma in Computer Science Future Scope

Candidates can do diverse things when they complete their course in Diploma in Computer Science. They can either pursue better education, or they could begin a job with the degree.

Higher Education – The course has a good possibility and the scholars can pursue Post-graduate degree or equivalent to computer science after the completion of the course. Average fee for the post-graduate degree in computer science is INR 7,500 to 106,000. Candidates can also pursue a bachelor’s (UG) degree in the identical field.

Start Job – Candidates can also begin a job with the degree of aDiploma in computer Science. Some of the best job options they could pursue with this degree are Cyber security consultant, game developer, IT consultant, etc. The average beginning salary of an individual with a degree in computer science degree is INR 3.5 – 4 lakhs annually.

Diploma in Computer Science Top Colleges

Top Diploma in Computer Science colleges in India are given below in the form of table:

S.NoName of CollegesAverage Fee (INR) annually
1.OPJS University, RajgarhRs. 20,500
2.Ambedkar Institute of Technology, DelhiRs. 25,200
3.Aligarh Muslim University (AMU), Uttar PradeshRs. 18,400
4.Government Polytechnic, NashikRs. 8,100
5.Integral University, LucknowRs. 1, 50,800
6.Techno University, KolkataRs. 100,650
7.Jamia Millia Islamia University (JMU), New DelhiRs. 28,000
8.Govt. Polytechnic, NagpurRs. 7,900
9.Vivekananda Global University, JaipurRs. 122,520
10.Carmel Polytechnic College, AlappuzhaRs. 24,700

Benefits of Computer Science (CS) Engineering

Computers are part of everything. From the films we watch to the methods we interact, the whole thing involves the use of computer science. This is why the Computer Science & Engineering course is in excessive demand right now.

As many who are already withinside the field will inform you, with a degree in computer engineering, the sector may be your oyster. There are basically paths you may take after you graduate, with a focal point on hardware or software program. While hardware and software program engineers regularly work together, the work they do is hugely different. There are currently many more job alternatives in software program than in hardware – and that is now no longer expected to change any time soon.

However, the types of jobs for computer engineers will continue to alternate, because the range of computerized and internet-enabled devices grows, and the ways in which we interact with them evolve. When you complete a Computer Science and Engineering degree, here are a number of the blessings you may enjoy:


If you choose to emerge as a computer hardware engineer, your process should contain designing, testing or reading computer hardware, or overseeing the manufacturing procedure of computer systems and computerized equipment.

Today, computer hardware is not limited to laptops, desktops and servers. You can be running on any device that has a computer chip in it, or is internet accessible, such as new phones, cars, scientific devices, and domestic home equipment like clever refrigerators or washing machines.

Most of those positions are with the groups that manufacture the devices. In 2017, there has been approximately 73,600 computer hardware engineering positions within side the India, with mean profits of 8.5lakhs.


If you select to go the software program route, you will find there are more than 16 instances as many jobs to select from, as compared to jobs in computer hardware. If this ratio would not make sense, test your smart phone.

For each group of engineers who labored at the hardware, there has been any other group running at the phone’s software program, plus any other group of developers for every of the hundreds of apps available from the phone’s app store. Most jobs in software program are in software program development, even though a few positions are nonetheless called computer programming.

If you work in software program, you may work with hardware engineers in developing the running gadget and the drivers used to access other devices, which include screens, printers and Wi-Fi access points. A big quantity of positions contains developing the apps.

These jobs commonly encompass trying out and updating the software program to preserve them current and secure. In 2016, the BLS predicted there have been over 1.2 million software program improvement positions within side the United States, with an predicted boom of 24 percentage over the subsequent ten years, that is a good deal better than average.



Database administrators are software program professionals who work with programs designed to organize and keep records, just like the financial data at a bank, or the stock and purchaser records for a retailer. DBAs are liable for retaining the records accessible to those who want it, while keeping it inaccessible to those who should not have access to it.


One of the quickest developing fields in computer science involves information security. Information security analysts assist to make certain that computer systems, computer networks and the records they comprise are saved secure from hackers and malware.

In 2016, the BLS expected there had been approximately 100,000 records protection analyst positions and, because of the growing wide variety of cyber attacks, the BLS tasks a increase price of 28 percentage over ten years. The median earnings for records protection analysts were $95,510 in 2017.


It’s notable how a computer studies student can develop in a few years of analyzing. Many college students come to the primary yr of examine as kids, still residing at the cost in their parents, and after 2 years they discover a good process that they do part-time after class and begin incomes as a great deal as many adults while still being college students.

In addition, gaining knowledge of computer studies develops imagination and strict mathematical skills and teaches how to efficiently solve hard problems. One of the largest advantages of analyzing computer science is problem solving, an essential ability for lifestyles. These skills are beneficial later in lifestyles and allow e.g. for greater pragmatic and logistic method to many regular matters.


Each people include a computer or maybe some on a daily basis (smart phone, laptop, smart watch, etc.) but hardly anyone is aware of what those computer systems genuinely are and how huge and notable their talents are. Computer science is turning into an increasing number of vital in every area of lifestyles – from bread baking to advanced scientific research.

However, that is related to the increasing demand for specialization in positive regions of this subject. Today, it is not sufficient to realize the ultra-modern records era and numerous programming languages. Increasingly, you want to have information approximately a particular subject wherein extensively understood computer science is used, e.g. economics.


People who graduated from computer science can easily enhance the productiveness and performance in their company. For example, they could write easy packages that alter the operation of machines, they could create verbal exchange structures for his or her employees, and that they also can carry out simulations and special analyzes to decide what will pay off and what does now no longer, and what may be optimized and what works properly.

There is likewise an entire bunch of different packages of computer science knowledge which are beneficial for increasing productivity and they rely only at the desires and talents of the man or woman embodying them.


If you practice IT knowledge in many industries that aren’t related to IT on a daily basis, you can gain a big benefit over your competitors. For example, normal shops only promote their merchandise in case you come to them. And the shop with the created online store can also reach clients who do now no longer need to go away their domestic for shopping.

Similarly, in a manufacturing facility where humans work at the production line. The work of one of these production lines will almost always be greater expensive, slower and greater perishable than different production line, which will be operated with the aid of using easy robots programmed by you.


With the knowledge of computer science, you may conduct special analyzes of the tactics, structures or plans you want to implement as effectively as possible. Certainly one of the maximum beneficial advantages of analyzing computer science is that you’ll be capable of maximally optimize many tactics and tasks, and this will allow you to boom performance and decrease fees in a reasonably easy and powerful way.


By analyzing computer science you’ll gain talents so one can increase your horizons and make you not only a totally treasured worker who many agencies will need to employ, however additionally you’ll get the possibility to create notable matters that you may program yourself, and which most people couldn’t create by them.

You will gain information and talents that you’ll be capable of practice in the destiny to facilitate and speed up many processes and to solve many problems.


People with computer science degree can find jobs in very many locations and may be hired in diverse positions to carry out many sorts of tasks. Field of computer science is sincerely now no longer oversaturated, and there’s big demand for competent computer scientists.

Ones with computer science degree are needed to work as software program engineers, hardware engineers, app developers or web developers, machine architects, project engineers, networking engineers, software program testers and in many other jobs.


Career Options after Computer Science (CS) Engineering

Career Options after CSE

With a sea of career prospects prepared to be picked, selecting one may be a daunting task for a computer science engineer. So, here’s a listing of a few common designations and professions you could pass for after finishing a CSE programme.

• Hardware Engineers: These professionals are responsible for building the physical components of a computer. The labor of hardware engineers comprises designing, investigate, testing, development, and supervising the installation of computer hardware counting circuit boards, computer chips, systems, modems, printers and keyboards.

• System Analyst: A system analyst conducts in-depth research to figure out the existing troubles withinside the computer system network of an organization and find solutions to rectify those troubles. This assists in increasing the systems’ efficiency in an organization to ensure that the workflow stays unhampered. These specialists coordinate with various enterprise improvement teams.

• Networking Engineers: These specialists are responsible for designing, implementing and troubleshooting the computer networks. They make certain the integrity and availability of the community infrastructure. They keep the data communication structures of an organization in a manner that caters to all its data sharing and communication requirements.

• Database Administrator: A database administrator checks and supervises the existing software modifications and keeps an eye on the purchases of the software program made by the customer. It is an essential responsibility as it includes being very watchful, and having to maintain control over the company database and it’s first-rate as the confidential data desires to be optimally safe and secure.

Enough that, it goes without saying that that is a profession desire after B-tech and is appropriate for students, as many businesses are looking for specialists like that. That’s why it’s one of the maximum demanding careers humans should pick after doing B.Tech in Computer Science Engineering. Many businesses, such as banking, insurance, and carrier companies, are searching for certified database managers.

• Computer Network Architect: The Engineers are requisite to propose, install, and administer networking and computer processing technologies. Local region networks, extensive region networks, extranets, and intranets are also parts included in this. The task is to recognize the dreams of organizations in terms of statistics processing and collaboration.

Thus students chose it as a direction in their profession after engineering. The specialists right here are required to compute the goods and offerings to be had within side the on line marketplace. They want to check each system earlier than implementing it. Understood thus, the specialists assist to resolve a trouble if any happens after the set up system. Generally, maximum multinational organizations are searching out computer network Architects with enough analytical abilities to assess the agency’s computer networks efficiently.

• Information Security Analyst: Information Security Analysts are specialists who solely attention at the safety of an organization’s touchy and mission-essential facts. They should continually live one step beforehand of cybercriminals and guard the community and structures from being violated through hackers and attackers.

To do so, they ought to constantly read up on new trends in cyber security and design modern answers to guard the safety of statistics and structures of a company. Information Security Analysts focus on 3 center areas – hazard assessment, vulnerability assessment, and protection planning. Hence, this task function needs equipped investigative and problem-fixing abilities required for protecting all sensitive records of a company.

• Content Developer: There is a call for within side the marketplace for content material writers who’ve primary knowledge of HTML and CSS and are content developers. With a B.Tech degree in Computer Science, the students will understand the way to expand the content material to convey greater visitors to the website. There is a want of at the least three to four content material developers in a company, so it’s miles a profession in call for.

Content developers need to have popular understanding approximately the target market and to which category they belong. This is a subject with various incomes opportunities and is certainly a profitable activity. With the assist of this, the experts earn substantial passive earnings while uplifting the self-image.

• Graphic Designers: The job of graphic designers is pretty bendy and versatile. From designing the blueprint of a website or application to adding the ornamental elements to it, a image fashion dressmaker has to seamlessly integrate creativity and logic to finish their projects. These experts can work for a particular organization or choose up numerous tasks from different businesses as a freelancer.

• Software Developers: These experts address the improvement of numerous software programs. The process of software program improvement can contain numerous sports consisting of designing, programming, and coding and assignment management.

Many prestigious software program corporations are often on a lookout for proficient experts able to making use of their understanding to design and develop software program that meets the wishes of the client. Many other career options are to be had for computer science engineers like mobile utility developers, technical writers, statistics scientists, technical aid, assignment manager, sport developer, professor, content material developer, virtual marketer, information gadget manager, computer programmer and web developer.


• Tech Support and Repair: Engaging within customer support requires technical support, and if that’s what the scholars desire, then the tech support and repair career option is suitable for engineering students. Many small, medium, and big businesses, are searching for tech aid professionals who can speak properly with the customers and regulate the goods and offerings following the wants. Communication understanding and problem-fixing abilities are some of the specific features that the students were given to should shape it big within side the field.


Job Profiles after Computer Science Engineering

The boom in the CS (Computer Science) sector has lead to well-paid career opportunities for professionals. With the rising employment opportunities in this particular field, the demand for CSE experts has increased tremendously. Computer Science (CS) Engineers after finishing their course, usually get job opportunities across different industries such as Sales and Marketing firms, IT/Software Companies, Engineering firms, Academic Institutions, Journalism, editing and content, and many more. 

Profile of JobResponsibilities of the profile
System Database Administrator (SDA)Aspirant in this field typically oversees the performance, security, and integrity of the database. This also includes scheduling the structure and troubleshooting issues.
Computer ProgrammerThey create the code for software applications and operating systems (OS). The code formed helps computer applications to run on a computer.
Engineering Support SpecialistAspirant in this field provides technical support and assistance to consumers and businesses in issues related to technical, hardware and software systems.
Data Warehouse AnalystAspirant in this field analyzes, collects, mines and helps the business leverage the information stored in data warehouses.
System DesignerAspirant in this field define the architecture, interfaces, and data for a system.
Software DeveloperAspirant in this field develop applications that enable people to perform specific tasks on a computer or another device.
Software EngineerAspirant in this field design, develops, maintain, test, and evaluate computer software.
Lecturer/ProfessorA computer science (CS) lecturer or professor would impart knowledge of the subject. This role will also comprise of teaching students about the nuances of computer applications and designs applicable in the field.
Computer OperatorAspirant in this field have to upgrade software, maintain a logbook, check viruses, and carry out basic computer errands.
Research AnalystAspirant in this field document data, conduct surveys, collect information via the internet and carry out research.

Career you can choose after CS Engineering

We’ll begin with the higher educational opportunities in Computer Science (CS) Engineering.

1. M.Tech/M.S. in Computer Engineering – This is one of the high-quality alternatives for aspirants who want to pursue better research withinside the field. Usually, M.Tech is a 2-yr lengthy course; M.Sc. is a 3-yr lengthy course. After completing M.Tech/M.Sc in Computer Engineering, you could both observe for jobs or enter the research field (Ph.D.).

2. Ph.D. – After M.Tech, you could at once sign up in a Ph.D. program. This is an amazing preference for college kids who’re inquisitive about studies withinside the field. Usually, Ph.D. applications are a 5-yr integrated course concerning years of course and no less than 3 years of research work.

3. Dual degree (M.Tech + Ph.D.) – This is absolutely pretty much like Ph.D. The only difference is that a dual degree offers you both M.Tech and Ph.D. degrees.

4. Postgraduate Program in Machine Learning/Data Science/Business Analytics – Data Science and its related technologies like Artificial Intelligence (A.I), Machine Learning (ML), and Deep Learning are some of the hottest trending field’s withinside the industry right now. Also, Business Analytics is a rising area this is developing parallel to Big Data and Data Science. A postgraduate diploma, both in Data Science/Business Analytics, is high-quality suited for individuals who desire to go into the Data Science and Big Data domains.

5. MBA – An MBA course is high-quality suited for aspirants who’re willing toward enterprise management. You can pursue an MBA degree either from India or from overseas universities.

Pursuing better training after finishing Computer Engineering will similarly solidify your profession prospects. Most organizations and companies allot a better profits scale for applicants who’ve superior stages of their field. Plus, there usually stays an option for getting into academia or studies field.

Computer Science CS Engineering Admission 2022-23

Computer Science Engineering is considered as the maximum desired engineering discipline. As the market competition is on the peak, consequently it’s pretty tough to research a strong profession option. In one of this scenario, Computer Science Engineering is offering a moneymaking profession possibility for college kids due to the nation’s huge dependence on computer and software programs. Thus, suppose you simply did your training and seeking out an aspiring profession opportunity withinside the area of engineering then selecting Computer Science Engineering will be a proper thought decision. The article is all about Computer Science Engineering which incorporates its path & duration, jobs & profession, expertise, predicted salary, and many more.

B.E. Computer Science and Engineering is an undergrad (UG) Computer Engineering course. The course includes equipment and programming components of both PC plan and PC applications. In this program, understudies investigate the verbal exchange among cutting-edge Computer Science and related advances which have advanced the scientific and structure standards of building into the development of modern processing frameworks. The course includes Digital Electronics, Analysis Design of Algorithm, Microprocessor, O.S, Programming dialects, Computer systems, DBMS, System programming, Cryptography and system security, Mobile correspondences, Ad-hoc Networks, Performance Evaluation and so on. The time period of the course is 4 years and its agenda are separated into 8 semesters.

Course Overview

Concerned aspirants can have a fundamental overview of the B.Tech/ B.E courses as given below in the table:

Level of CourseUndergraduate (UG)
Period of the course4 years
Type of examinationSemester Examination
Eligibility CriteriaMust have 10+2 or corresponding examination with Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics (PCM) as a necessary subject.
Procedure of AdmissionEntrance examination based or 10+2 class exam based
Average course FeeRs. 82000/- to Rs. 1.72 lacs
Expected starting salary on averageRs. 300500/- to Rs. 2005000/- annually
Top companiesDXC, HCL, TCS, Accenture, and many more.
Top Job positionsTesting Engineer, Software Developer, System Analyst, Database Manager, Technical Support Engineer,and many more.


BTech Computer Science and Engineering Admission 2022-23

B.Tech Computer Science (CS) Engineering is the bachelor (UG) level course which deals with the study of science & technology. The student aspirants choose for this course because it helps to incorporate computer fields. It also enables the students to study about the computing system in hardware or software design. The course gives an excellent base for students looking for high-degree programs like MTech then PhD & MPhil.



The fees depend on the amenities and infrastructure provided by various universities. A number of universities present diverse facilities such as cafes and many more, so they might acquire more fees. The standard fees for the B.Tech programmes remain between 1.5 lakh to 3 lakhs per annum.


B.Tech Computer Science (CS) Engineering Admission Process 2022-23

How to Apply

Common Entrance Exam for Admission to B.E/ B.Tech Computer Science (CS) Engineering

There are lots of engineering colleges in India. Most of these engineering colleges present admission based on different entrance exams. Following is the list of several of the most common entrance computer science engineering entrance exams 2022 conducted by the different special authorities in India.

Some tips to prepare for Computer Science (CS) Engineering Entrance Examination?

All those candidates who are searching for their admission in B.Tech may go through the given below tips in order to organize in an improved approach.

Even though coaching centers can help you, it is advised that you should not totally rely on them and do self study to gain better score.

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