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Courses After Polytechnic Diploma in Electrical Engineering

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India has over 1.5 million engineering graduates every year. In other words, all graduates who aspire to success and a secure future face stiff competition. Fortunately, engineering itself has many branches and small departments to cater to the personal interests of young applicants fresh out of college.

Courses After Polytechnic Diploma in Electrical Engineering

This list provides information and clarity on the most ideal courses (related to fundamental and software disciplines) that ensure the full potential of those who have decided to pursue higher education after obtaining a basic degree in electrical and electronic engineering.

Automation Training

Automation is a good start for those interested in an electrical certificate course. This course covers PLC, SCADA, DCS, and other disciplines. A programmable logic controller (PLC) is an extended industrial computing device according to the manufacturing company.

The language used to program the PLC is very similar to electrical diagrams. The course provides students with practical knowledge and enables them to acquire the skills necessary for employment and “industry”.

SCADA is another important part of the industry sector as its software helps in making important decisions through data analysis and maintaining efficiency, providing support to employees and. DCS allows operators to gather information and organize it in a hierarchical system.

Robots and humanoid robots (electronic devices)

Robotics is a course that offers a variety of job opportunities, and some courses are very popular. This field requires knowledge not only in electrical engineering but also in kinematics and dynamics. Mechatronics, robotic sensor manufacturing are some of the sectors analyzed as research data.

Robotics and Humanoids have several specializations including microrobots, digital electronics and microprocessors, robot motion planning, and artificial intelligence. Space research institutes and various industrial robotics engineers are in high demand.


Engineering graduates preferring the electrical aspect, the C-DAC is suitable for this part. Known for offering a variety of courses in computer, electronics, security, and mobile computing, the six-month course prepares you for experience with advanced multinationals.

The program focuses on practice rather than theory and practice to ensure maximum understanding. Group study and the logical struggle to create programs and predict concepts are some of the essential characteristics of the degree.

Since these institutions are top class as C-DAC is considered as the center of learning, it is recommended to join a reputable institution hopefully Pune.

Power systems and solar panels (electrical and electronic)

Power Systems Engineering introduces the basic principles of insulation, overvoltage, and insulation regulation of overhead underground cable power transmission lines with a full explanation. This sub-domain deals with the production, transmission, distribution, and use of electricity.

Electrical Engineering To use the basic knowledge of Electrical Engineering, Electrical Engineering students have a lower level of difficulty in this course. Because students can easily find electrical components, power generation, power generation, distribution, and protection of the power system are important areas for further study.

Students should have the managerial and organizational skills to create model projects while coordinating with several other engineering disciplines.

Programming language

It works right out of the box, but IT and engineering have been intertwined for a while. Because these two disciplines are core programming, students are encouraged to learn many language skills. JAVA, C language, and Python are some of these programs.

However, since most languages ​​are built-in C language, learning C programming as an engineering student is essential. After mastering the C language, it is easy to understand other languages. EEE students seem to be familiar with Python, as Python is another language that people immediately use in machine learning.

For those who are passionate about processing and simulating digital images, MATLAB programming is the best choice. Check More on Study Abroad .

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