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1 Year Diploma in Electrical Engineering Advantages

If we look at human evolution, we see a very clear pattern. The ancients did not know how to do things, they felt that their bodies were their instruments. 1 Year Diploma in Electrical Engineering. Over time, as civilization progressed, he began to use the tools nature gave him (and then designed his tools for them). Then the man devoted himself to agriculture and led a more civilized than stable life.

1 Year Diploma in Electrical Engineering

1 Year Diploma in Electrical Engineering

When he marveled at the miracles of science, electricity was discovered. Today, in 2018, we have discovered many ways to move forward. There is a way to send the same number of backups. It is undeniable that over time humans will increasingly rely on electronics to accomplish their tasks.

Degree in Electrical Engineering

Whether this addiction is good or bad is certainly a controversial question. However, this dependence means that a set of employment opportunities are available for those who have been trained in the field. This article discusses career opportunities for those with an electrical engineering degree.


It is an area that relies on skill rather than score. To earn an electrical engineering degree, you must complete a Class 10 course from an accredited board or university. Most full technical degree schools do not have a score.

Some leading institutions require applicants to achieve a minimum score of 55% on the 10-level board. However, in all courses, applicants must have an interest in the field of electrical sciences. Otherwise, it is difficult to make a living here.

Basic project

It is an area of ​​research that conducts extensive and in-depth research. Key topics here include circuit technology, electrical engineering, and instrumentation. Electrical engineering, transmission, and distribution fall into this category. The control system is the driving force behind all electrical and electronic systems. This is a basic thesis.

Students with a degree in electrical engineering are a bridge between mechanical sciences and electronic sciences. Therefore, students here learn mechanical subjects such as thermodynamics and electronic master’s thesis such as microprocessor technology and communication systems.

Deep learning

The degree of an electrical engineering student may choose to enter an entry-level in electrical engineering courses. Thus, the four-year engineering training for graduates is reduced to three years. As such, they have an advantage over other students as they already understand the basics of core subjects.

Another big advantage of choosing this career path is that you don’t have to pass the fiercely competitive JEE and other national exams to get a place in an engineering school. Even after completing your project, your degree training gives you an investment advantage over your peers.

Another career path for degree holders is to obtain a postgraduate degree in one of the above specializations. In doing so, they are more likely to find employment and thus be successful in their careers.

Electrical Engineering Job opportunities

You can choose a job right after you graduate in electrical engineering. Many private and government agencies employ people with this background. If you are doing well in your studies and can prove your worth, then you can easily find a job after you graduate.

The main newcomers to the government are NEEPCO, SAIL, BHEL, and NTPC. In the private sector, the most notable newcomers are Jindar Steel & Power Co., Hindustan Motors, Omega Elevator L&T Construction, STEEL.

In addition, all national electricity commissions and hundreds of construction companies across the country employ people with training in electrical engineering.

Electrical Engineering Salaries and working conditions

For those who wish to work right after graduation, starting salaries vary depending on whether you join a government agency or a private organization. The average salary is 14,000 rupees per month. However, the fees paid by the PSU are much higher. Check More on Education Rasta .

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