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When a student wants to go for a graduation course after 12th it is very important to choose right course according to his/her interest area. Enrolling for an under graduate course is not limited to immediate job; however, this should be carefully selected for further education as well like Post Graduation and even more.

Here, we are trying to provide some information for two courses which seems to be similar and students gets confuse to opt one. These two almost similar courses are  Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) and Bachelor of Commerce (B Com).


The BBA course syllabus is more focused on theory part of management like marketing, human Resource management, and international business, finance etc. However, B. Com syllabus focuses subjects like Accounts, Cost account, taxation and industrial policy etc.

BBA Students also may get some practical knowledge by training, attend workshops and also learn soft skills training so that they can use this learning at training workplace. BBA course works as a foundation course for those students who are interested in Masters in Business Administration (MBA).

If student have interest in managerial jobs or want to be an Enterpreneur the BBA is the best course, on the other hand student want to make career in finance or accounting field, B Com is the best option for those.

 B Com course is basically designed for those students who likes numerical portion/good with numbers. is the best option for those students who are planning for CA/ICWA/CS etc. After this course a student can start to work as junior accountant and can earn some money. Both BBA and B. Com are good courses and career oriented. Students should point down their career aspirations and consult relevant persons before choosing and enrolling for any course.

Difference between BBA and B COM

Student with business studies and commerce background are confused to opt under graduate course. Objective of this write-up is to help students to understand the difference of these two almost similar courses: Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) and Bachelor of Commerce (B Com).

B Com is a 3-year degree course aim at providing strong fundamental knowledge in business and accounting. This course is widely available in our country and accessible in almost each university and college. Students who are willing to adopt accounting career, they should purse this course. B Com graduate can start career just after college and remain earning while pursuing further studies from prime institutes like ICAI, ICSI and ICMAI.

BBA is also 3-years semester base degree course; it is suitable for students who want to be an entrepreneur or have interest in business management. This course empowers students in business and management. Admission to this course is comparatively difficult as this course has limited seats, not available in remote/village colleges. On fees part also it is comparatively expensive due to extra-curricular activities. This should be considered as first step towards business management studies.

Students who want to be future managers should opt this course; obviously this will help them in further business management studies like PGDM or MBA. Both the courses are enough to start earning after college. B. Com. enables students to be core accountant. In our country where economy is expected to grow with fast pace, various reforms are expected to ease business and trade development.

This creates immense opportunities to commerce graduates as each size of business demands skilled accountants. BBA is a professional degree course and students can start their career as junior executives in various management fields, this depends on their specialization like – HR, Marketing, Sales etc.

B Com Colleges in NCR

Commerce is the main stream of education which can properly guide students in business line. All possible activities between buyers and sellers are in the syllabus of commerce. Modern commerce and business education available in B Com course of IIMT College help students to get good knowledge in Business and Economics. B Com from IIMT College is a good choice for students because children will get a chance to get deep knowledge in Economics and Business through this course.

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The pandemic has mandated people to stay indoors. But it had not disrupted education of students of IIMT College. The infrastructure that IIMT College provided through Microsoft Teams, made it to stand in a glorious manner in the field of  Education, that too round-the-clock. The Commitment of the staff and faculties of IIMT College made the students accustomed with the new mode of online education.   

As an educational institution during this COVID 19 time, IIMT College had done more in educational sector than in normal scenarios. Students in IIMT College got molded to hold mobile handsets as they sit for their daily classes. Technology gave huge opportunity to students of IIMT College to hear the webinars of various industrial experts. Students in IIMT College got excited to present various activities through online mode.

IIMT College provides quality Commerce education with high placements. Students who want to start their own enterprise can select this B Com Course. IIMT College, Greater NOIDA is  giving good guidance with the help of ‘Start-Up’Cell functioning in it.

B Com Colleges in Greater NOIDA

Colleges that offer courses in the commerce stream are located in Greater NOIDA area. These colleges have their own guidelines for offering admission to students. Greater NOIDA area is filled with so many colleges. From it, IIMT College of Management offers Commerce course which is friendly on budget and high in quality. The curriculum of B Com Course of IIMT College, Greater NOIDA provides a strong foundation level in understanding the functioning of business organization, commercial transactions and various business operations like accounting, finance, marketing and human resource .

The three year B Com course is designed as per UGC Guidelines. For enhancing the skills of the students in IIMT College, continuous industrial webinars are conducted. The main aim of education is strictly followed here, which is value based – with honesty and loyalty. In this IIMT College is standing in a unique elegance. Students doing B Com Course will gain confidence in subjects like Economics, Accountancy, Marketing and Human Resource Management.

Students are trained to participate in different activities conducted inside the college. The enthusiasm of the students to participate in the activity will help them to stand as toppers when Best companies come for placement drive. The main privilege of the students is to get training through ‘Entrepreneurship Cell’. This cell nurtures start-up ideas of potential students. This cell is supporting entrepreneurial students to come up with a business model.

B Com colleges in India

IIMT Group of Colleges lays out a clear road map for students in Commerce stream.  They will get a clear idea in accounts, banking, taxation, marketing and management aspects of every business organization. We adopt a continuous  approach for accountancy for students learning process. IIMT College is well- equipped with latest technology to cater the needs of present world of education.

During Covid 19 lockdown period, students of our college experienced various webinars in online mode. Another rare experience of the students is online class through Microsoft Teams. Through various activities conducted in the college, students will become competent in Communication and Leadership skills. With the help of ‘Entrepreneurship Cell’ functioning in IIMT College, students will get ample knowledge about business market and analytical skills.

Children’s Learning level improvement mechanisms like Personality Development classes help B Com students to fit properly as per market requirement. They will not find any difficulty as they enter the job. Focused plan to cover the syllabus by dedicated teachers is an added advantage of IIMT Group of Colleges. More than 80% of the students are getting placements in good companies. Alumni help these children to act in industry as per the demand of industry.

B.COM COLLEGES RANKING IN INDIA or Bachelor of commerce degree includes the following subjects like Financial Accounting, Business statistics, Economics, Business Laws, Corporate Accounting, marketing Management etc.

There are numerous career options for graduates and are not just limited to only one or two career paths.

They can become bank professionals, taxation specialists, accountants, auditors to name a few.

Colleges all over India offering degree can be ranked on the basis of NIRF rankings, the only rankings released by Ministry of Human Resource development, Govt. of India. This Ranking show the overall position of the college among participating colleges among all subject categories.

Factors considered under this ranking includes: Renowned Faculty, Degree and Design Courses, Beyond the classroom teaching, college architecture and Academic excellence etc.

List includes the colleges like:

1 IIFA Bangalore

2 Shri Ram college of commerce, Delhi

3 Lady Shri Ram college for Women, Delhi

4 Christ University, Bangalore

5 Loyala college, Chennai

6 Hans Raj College, Delhi

7 St. Joseph’s College of Commerce, Bangalore

8 Hindu College, Delhi

9 Ramjas College, Delhi

10 Stella Maris College, Chennai

IIMT college of Management, Greater Noida is one such renowned institute in Delhi NCR region which aspires to be in top commerce colleges in India with its world class campus, placement facility, Excellent teaching fraternity, R&D cell and other Amenities. IIMT college of Engineering (MBA Department) has been ranked 55 in top colleges in NIRF Ranking.

Best Colleges in NCR for B COM

IIMT Group of colleges had designed Commerce course in a well structured manner. Skills which can develop through this course include Accountancy, Statistics, Management, Computer, Economics etc. Webinars, Virtual classrooms, conduct of examinations in online and offline( Pen & Paper ) mode became a part of academic lexicon in IIMT Group of colleges. To secure the delivery of education and instruction IIMT Group of colleges succeeded very well during the pandemic period.

To ease our children in the Placement procedures, IIMT College of Management is well equipped with a placement cell. The students are guided with various lectures- How they have to work for getting good placement? How to behave in a working situation etc. Every bit of moment is gracious and pretty when you join IIMT College. Learning in IIMT College is like memories which are hard to forget for students in IIMT College. Most cute thing in IIMT  B Com course is the experience that students get from ‘Entrepreneurship Cell’. Students who have taste in Entrepreneurship will be able to churn it out by the training given by IIMT College.

What to do with BBA

If you are looking for a bachelor’s degree with some of the same sound, and real-world skills, which have been studied in an MBA program, bba, needs to be at the top of the list. What is BBA? In fact, it is a comprehensive business education. The BBA provides a window into all of the features of the business, and you can use your strength to continue your studies at university-level, or provide you with a holistic point of view, which can be applied to any business or industry.

The ability to apply the basic knowledge of the business, the study of the different aspects of the business world, including marketing, supply chain management, applied mathematics, economics, and accounting, it is crucial for each and every role you might find yourself in after you graduate.

Just as with any other program, or to a degree, it is common to ask, ” What can I do with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration course?” Let’s take a closer look at the ways in which BBA and the specific skills needed for a future career, as well as the various schools of thought, which can be used after graduation.

“Some students come in with some experience, but it does not have a degree, and the majority of the companies they work for will require that you have at least a bachelor’s degree in it.” With this degree, you will find that many professional doors that would otherwise not be available to you. This could mean anything from taking a senior position in order to start your own business, or to raise the level of your present company and the role.

BALLB after B.Com Yes, you’ll be able to pursue career in law once b. Com. the final demand for following LL.B in most of the highest universities is pass with five hundredth in graduation degree and you may have to be compelled to clear some entrance take a look at with it. (depending upon the university you choose) After the easing of India’s economy there’s a large demand for extremely good lawyers WHO are adept within the areas of mergers and acquisitions, banking and finance, infrastructure contracts, debt restructuring, independent agency rules, IPRs, company governance, personal equity deals, world organisation law etc.

Law firms, each international moreover as domestic, frequently recruit such lawyers in massive numbers. Same is that the case with huge corporations like TATA, Reliance, Infosys, Wipro, TCS, ICICI Bank, etc. After LL.B you’ll be able to seem for Civil and Judicial services in your several States. IAS Services, JAGS, services in Army, company professional person, Legal Advisors in MNC’s and Company’s, Legal process outsourcing, follow in Criminal, Civil or tax as associate Advocate. It will be advisable if you are doing your degree from a accepted university which provides prime placement chance, outstanding exposure and skilled improvement coaching.

I am recruitment some universities for your help- Symbiosis University, Lovely skilled University- geographical region, School of Law, Gujarat University-Ahmedabad South Kolkata Law school – city Unitedworld faculty of Law, Karnavati University-Gandhinagar University school of Law, city University – city, Christ University etc. The CCS University has also introduced B.COM LL.B keeping in the demands of the economy. The students who are pursuing B.COM LL.B can do better in the field of commerce and law also. Now a day there is a demand of the subject of it and it helps in understanding the corporate affairs of the company or other organization.

BA LLB after BBA

A law degree is a five-year integrated program that gives data regarding business management together with legislative law. The course of study gives knowledge domain in nature and includes various areas of study like commerce, government, business management, law-makers and law, economics, etc. It opens doors to numerous career avenues with a rising demand within the international market. With the integrated data of each these in style fields, candidates have a wider spectrum of job profiles to explore. This degree offers many skills that square measure applicable in most of the sectors, permitting larger scope for experimentation. When finishing this degree, candidates have 2 choices.

They will either enter the skilled world by obtaining employment, will continue with higher studies or maybe will practice law on their own. Keeping these choices in mind allow us to currently cross-check the career-scope when the BBA law degree. This field equips you with the data and skills that square measure applicable for the management and law sectors. That produces BBA law degree graduates extraordinarily valuable for the company world and businesses. This degree incorporates a wider scope of career advancement as compared to the opposite fields.

BBA law degree graduates have a high demand in each the general public and therefore the personal sectors. Leading businesses usually need legal services. Hence, these graduates get used in nearly all the sectors of the economy as well as administration, management, banking, industrial sector, together with job profiles associated with judiciary and law. So, notwithstanding that field you decide on, it’ll be a win-win state of affairs for your career with this degree.

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Law programme not solely focuses on the room teaching however additionally conducts numerous coaching sessions like case studies, mock drills, and interactive sessions for college kids. the most aim of the twin degree is simply to not specialize in the theoretical data however additionally for college kids to know the sensible application of the law within the globe and its dynamics.

B. Com Admission 2022

Each year after board results; students and parents think either one or all these questions: What should be studied for a stable career? Which course can be pursued in limited budget? In the Covid pandemic time when uncertainty is not coming to end, worries are increasing. Here, we are discussing for one such under graduate course which is comparative cost effective and enough to provide stable career.

Bachelor of commerce (B Com) is one of the courses which can be the solution to these questions. This course provides immense job opportunities which helps to develop such skills in students which are must for every business. After this course, students have multiple options either earning or study and earnings both at same time. Students can work and earn at same time while doing further prestigious studies like CA, CS or CMA. Admission to this course is easy and cost effective as this course is available in almost all universities and colleges.

India has a target and vision to be a USD 5 trillion economy 2024-25. To achieve this target, government is putting efforts to attract global investors and to make country safe place to ease of doing business. Various reforms are taking place to feasible the businesses, policies are rapidly updating to attract global investors. In global business framework, it is must to formulate an accounting system which should link with accounting system of other countries from where money is investing in our countries as well as if an Indian firm wants to trade with other country. Businesses will require skilled commerce graduate to understand these accounting systems and implements it.

Need of accountants are not just limited to these foreign businesses. However, once investment flows to our country it will help to generate more employment and employment will add the spending power of individuals. This spending power will generate other businesses. All this will result into more businesses and each business require accountants.

So, accountancy is a career which has decent job potential. In covid time accountants were allowed to work from remote location (mostly from home) this claims to be a continuous earning medium and give stability. Easly available college for the course make it cost effective. Overall, B. Com is a course which should be considered as the secure career options.

Banking and finance courses after

Banking and finance sectors are that provide never-ending job benefits that are never out of employment opportunities. The banking and finance sector are one of the highest recruiting sectors as there is a constant need for the human resources who understand the financial process and put their skills, knowledge and expertise to the progressive ways to run a bank and financial institutions. This is the sector which has vast career opportunities for youth.

Being a banker is one of the most reputed jobs in society with high package and privileges. It has become one of the main reasons why pursuing banking and finance courses after graduation so it’s been trend to join various professional courses like MBA,CMA and other certification courses provided by such a reputed institutes like IIMs.

The Bank and finance sector job has always been regarded in terms of most preferred job among Indian students. It is to be quoted without any doubt that a bank and finance sector job is considered as the most beneficial career choice in terms of future growth.

Aspirants from various streams like Commerce, business, arts, humanities and engineering, seek bank courses after graduation. The same holds well with B.Com students who are most interested in Banks and finance jobs and always look for Banks and financial market Related Courses after B.Com

This article will inform the students with the most popular banking and finance courses that can be pursued after, so check out the list and find out the best banking and finance courses after the B.Com that suits you and help you to boost your career in the respective area.

Hereby there is listing of the best banking and finance courses one can pursue after

1.      M.B.A in Banking and Finance

2.      Certificate Program in General Insurance (CPGI)

3. M.Com in Banking and Finance

4.      Post Graduate Certificate in Investment Banking

5.      Chartered Accountancy

6.      Certified Management Accountant (CMA)

7.      Master Vocation in Banking, Stocks, and Insurance

8.      PGDM in Banking Financial Services

9.      Short-term Post Graduate Diploma in Retail Banking (PGDRB)

10.  Short-term Post Graduate Diploma in Banking Operations

11.  Professional Programme for Commercial Banking (PPCB)

12.  Advanced Certificate in Banking Laws and Loan Management


Hence, one can choose any one of the above mentioned and pursue with a good sign of career betterment

Top 10 Colleges for B.Com

Greater Noida is renowned for education hub in India.  The top 10 B.Com colleges are KCC Institute of Legal and Higher Education, Mangalmay Institute of Engineering & Technology, IIMT College of Management, Ishan Institute of Management & Technology, GNIBM College are few colleges in Greater Noida.

 IIMT college of Management is top among all above mentioned colleges for B.Com – From 2021 onwards B.Com course is divided into 6 semesters will complete in 3 years earlier it was in annual system course for 3 years tenure. B.Com, full form Bachelor of Commerce, is a 3-year undergraduate program in business. The B.Com curriculum is designed to impart managerial skills to the students with a focus on a particular business area.

During the 3-years B. Com degree, the aspirants will learn about the general business principles, and at the same time, study core commerce subjects such as financial accounting, Business economics, Management accounting, Principles of business management, etc. 

IIMT College of Management a good institute: World class campus, Excellent Placement, Highly qualified and experienced faculty with strong industry and academic backgrounds, Packed libraries, Gym, Sports campus, and fully wifi campus, Continuous discussions with leading business managers and CEO’s, R&D cell, Hostels with high facilities, Collaborations with national and international companies and brands.

Top colleges for B. Com

S. R. College of Commerce (SRCC), Loyola College, St. Xavier’s College, IIMT College of Management, St. Joseph’s College of Commerce, Symbiosis College of Arts and Commerce are few top colleges for Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com.)

IIMT college of Management is located in Greater Noida as it is near to NCR and Delhi.  

IIMT College of Management focuses upon quality education and nurturing professional and ethical values so that they can be developed as responsible citizen of India, IIMT provides a healthy environment to grow. The faculties in the campus encourage students in various activities other than academics. The college is constantly trying to provide various opportunities to learners through initiating interactive sessions with industry leaders, hosting webinars, informative live shows and fruitful internships. For Nurturing innovation and research skills among its students and faculty members, IIMT established Research and Innovation Cell in the year 2015.

IIMT ensures and encourages students to develop a pragmatic attitude even towards small everyday problems which empowers them with a fundamental foundation in leadership and professional skills. Since the beginning, IIMT believed in providing numeral exposures to the students for enhancing their skills and interests and has always motivated its students to organize programmes like cultural events ,Group discussions etc.

B.Com colleges

Banaras Hindu University (BHU) or formerly known as the Central Hindu College, Aligarh Muslim University (AMU), Loyola College, IIMT College of Management, Invertis university, Bareilly are renowned Colleges for B.Com. were at IIMT College of Management is best in my view as it focuses on overall development of individual through quality education with well experienced faculties, Digital library, Guest Lectures, Workshops, Seminars, Industrial visit, Live projects, Conferences, Proper internship training and placement assistance.  At IIMT we provide value management education for the potential managers of the region rather India. IIMT College of Management, Greater Noida is affiliated to CCS University, Meerut.

College has various sports club, social club, etc. where students are cherished to participated in sports activities under the guidance of qualified coaches. Overall, IIMT prepare a student to pursue prospect challenges which ensures to achieve their life targets.

Best B.Com Colleges in India

B.Com is one of the most popular courses in India including Science courses and Humanities. The opportunities after pursuing a B.Com degree from a good college are very bright. The Bachelor of Commerce program covers various aspects of accounting, banking and taxation.

S. R. College of Commerce (SRCC), Loyola College, St. Xavier’s College, IIMT College of Management, St. Joseph’s College of Commerce, Symbiosis College of Arts and Commerce are few top colleges for Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com.) IIMT college of Management is located in Greater Noida as it is near to NCR and Delhi. Here at IIMT College of Management, Greater Noida B.Com. is a semester course affiliated to CCS University, Meerut.

IIMT Group of Colleges has a long tradition in imparting this course. Department is pride as students have taken up jobs in Multinationals after completing the course. We have a faculty which is best in the University.

IIMT College of Management targets at augmenting good globalization of management tools, techniques, and concepts through real life based experiences. It compliments hard work to further enlarge holistic outlook, multi-disciplinary orientation and integrative skills, which are indispensable to become a practical manager.

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